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[NAVER] What is Data Localization?

Onepark 2017. 12. 20. 20:00

In 2017, Prof. Whon-il Park was commissioned by NAVER to contribute an article on the data localization to its Privacy White Paper.


In the early September, Prof. Park visited the head office at Bundang, South of Seoul to discuss the framework and contents of the article.

NAVER is the largest portal or IT business which would dwarf Google in South Korea.


To our surprise, the main building library is open to the public including neighborhood citizens and the disabled.

One show room displays the specifically designed keyboards and other devices for the disabled.

The rest area with a fine view outside seems to be convenient to ordinary visitors.


The corporate culture and building structure of NAVER seem to be similar to those of Google Inc. at Mountain View, California.

It is to soothe tensions of the employees while stimulating their innovative ideas with an Indian teepee or playthings for adults.


Within a few months, those specialists commissioned for the Privacy White Paper could complete their articles.


Finally, on December 20, 2017, a seminar was held to publicize the result of research conducted by three contributors.

NAVER Privacy White Paper Seminar was held under the theme "The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Privacy":


o When: 3 o'clock pm on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

o Where: 16th Floor Merits Tower near Gangnam Station, Gangnam-gu Seoul

o Who and what:

 - Whon-il Park, Study of Data Localization

 - Yong-dae Kim, Artificial Intelligence and Personal Information; and

 - Kyung-hwan Kim, Comparative Analysis of Regulatory Aspects of Data Protection of Korea, European Union and Japan.


* He made a presentation on the data localization, which might be the last PT in his academic career.

Prof. Yongdai Kim described the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the Red Flag Law of the United Kingdom.

Even though man-made regulations try to deter its technological development, it will continue to advance. Then we cannot help but accept it and respond to it in a proper manner.


After the whole presentations, panelists discussed the presenters' contents under the moderation of Director David J. Lee of NAVER CPO/CISO.  Prof. Koh Hak-su, Attorney Kim Kwang-jun of Bae, Kim & Lee, Prof. Kwon Yung-jun and CISO Lee made informative comments, respectively.


* 토론자: (좌로부터) 고학수 교수, 김광준 변호사, 권영준 교수, NAVER 이진규 이사.